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Click For Therapy provides an online directory of therapists, where consumers can search for a specific solution to their health issues and connect with therapists who can help them in their local area. What makes Click For Therapy a bit different from other therapist directories, is the personal touch.

Therapists are encouraged to include a photograph and as much personal information about themselves in their profile. This helps to convey their personalities, in the hope of establishing an immediate rapport with the consumer.

In order to establish trust, clients are also able to review therapists on-site, and make recommendations for other prospective clients. This gives therapists a great opportunity to capitalise on the power of testimonials, and helps clients to trust that their investing in something worthwhile.

Part of this is about trying to change perceptions of therapy. Therapy can be a very effective solution to both minor and major health issues. Click For Therapy are looking to make it more easily accessible, and friendlier, for those who are au fait with therapy, and also those who might be a bit more sceptical.

Featured Therapists

  • Reflexology

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  • Gosport
    Since completing my training in 2003, I have developed my own way of working intuitively with clients. Questioning and talking about their aches and needs, I am able to use my skills to tailor a treatment just for you....
  • Counselling

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  • Coppull
    Ernie Melling - MCMA is a Transformational Hypnotherapist, Therapist, Counsellor and Life Coach, working with the mind, the emotions, and consciousness to help clients transform on the most fundamental levels. He is a...
  • CBT Therapy

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  • Bournemouth
    I am a fully accredited clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor & development coach. I also train and supervise other therapists in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. I run a busy practice in Bournemouth...
    19 November 2017

    New Therapists

  • Art Therapy

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  • Crickhowell
    If you are in distress and looking for deep change in your life, then Art Psychotherapy may be a way to help you move forward. I aim to provide a service that empowers clients to find new ways of understanding their...
  • Aromatherapy

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  • London
    A unique multi-disciplined approach to physical and mental well-being. My training followed a period of prolonged illness, becoming the key to my own recovery. I practice from 2 South London clinics, including NYR and...
  • Life Coaching

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  • Ealing
    I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and ILM Accredited Wellbeing Coach. I take a holistic approach which enables me to address you as a whole person, taking into account all aspects of your physical and emotional...

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  • Hypnotherapy

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  • Carstairs
    I specialize in all facets of women's emotional health, self esteem building and teaching meditation. Women at various stages of their lives, can encounter profound, complicated changes physically and emotionally....
  • Life Coaching

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  • Newbury
    Hello, my name is Gemma McCrae and I’ve set up Prosperity Kitchen Coaching so I can dedicate myself to helping you solve your problems: be it, business coaching, career coaching, personal development, work life...
  • Massage

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  • Wattandyte
    Nicole Jacobsen is a Reiki master, body worker and meditation teacher. She has long been on a journey of deepening her understanding and connection with the animal and Earth realms. She draws her knowledge from ancient...