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Shoreditch 10K Run 2017 and Pre & Post Sports Massage

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Posted: 30 October 2017
Shoreditch 10K Run 2017 and Pre & Post Sports Massage
Shoreditch 10K run took place on the 8th October and it is the first one within the local area.  The run started and finished in Shoreditch park.  It has been a great success with 10,000 participants crossing the finish line.  The weather conditions were just right and some of the runners arrived back in under 40 minutes.  Alike the Hackney full and half marathon it is quite a flat run and easily manageable with few hills. 

I had the opportunity to provide Pre & Post Sports Massage for free alongside a team of other massage therapists.  Pre and Post sports massage has become more popular at sporting events, charity runs and fundraisers.  It is a good opportunity to network and provide taster massage treatments.

What are the benefits?

Pre event massage can:

Prepare muscles and tissues by using warming and stimulating massage techniques.
Encourages muscles to be relaxed, helping joints to have increased mobility so that they can be moved through their full range of motion.   
Decreases the risk of strains and sprains.
Enable the athlete to prepare and be focused on their event and benefits relaxation.

Post event massage can:

Ease and soothe muscular discomfort after exercise.
Help return the muscles to a relaxed state.
Decrease the risk of next day muscles soreness. 
Reduce swelling and promote faster healing.
Helps an athlete with their cooling down routine.
Aids relaxation after an event and athlete's mental focus and recovery.

It is always part of good practice to build in to your exercise programme massage treatments especially prior and after sporting events.  Plus very beneficial for general maintenance, prevention and recovery.  Sport massage is not only for athletes but anyone who may be helped by soft tissue release ie work-related conditions, RSI, previous injuries, ongoing pain management/prevention, posture and general maintenance. 

For more information about sports massage do not hesitate to contact me.
Written by: Agija Breeze therapies
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