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Top 5 Exercises to Get You In-Shape for Skiing

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Posted: 15 November 2017
Top 5 Exercises to Get You In-Shape for Skiing
Cycling makes you use the same muscles you use while skiing, so is the ideal way to prepare for the slopes. As with skiing, cycling is an interval-intensity workout, mimicking how your heart-rate behaves on-piste. Even a small-amount of cycling each week should prepare your body for an adventure-packed skiing holiday, so it’s not such a shock to the system once you’re on the slopes. If you’re bold on the slopes, go that little bit extra and try spinning- although this will probably be harder than any black run your resort will have to offer!

This exercise has the advantage that it can be done in the comfort of your home, even in front of the TV if you wish. Lunges will work the exact muscles used in skiing, and getting these ready will make you less likely to injure yourself. If you don’t know how to lunge properly, there’s hundreds of YouTube videos out there to show you how it’s done.

Squats have a similar appeal to lunges, however you should be more careful with these. Avoid wall squats, as these force you to put weight on your heels, which will hinder your skiing technique if accidentally transferred to the slopes. Despite this, squat jumps and deep squats are brilliant for strengthening the legs and working out specific muscles, so these are recommended.

Inclined Treadmill Walk
Using the treadmill on an incline will prepare your body for the ever-changing terrain of skiing. As well as this, walking on a high incline is great cardio, and is recommended even if you’re not going skiing, but it is a great one for all fitness levels. At first it might seem easy, but walking for a long time on a high incline is hard work and will be sure to prepare your body for skiing. If you don’t have access to a treadmill, try going on long, hilly walks. Be warned, however, no matter how much you practice incline walking you’ll still need a ski resort transfer to get you to the resort!

Leg Press
If you’re lucky enough to have access to a gym, try the leg press. As your legs will do most of the work while skiing, it’s important to make sure they’re prepared for the sudden intensity of skiing. The leg press is one of the best ways to work out all the muscles in your legs at once, and can help correct strength imbalances that lead to injuries.
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