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When Anxiety Strikes

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Posted: 24 November 2017
When Anxiety Strikes
Many clients come to see me through suffering from anxiety. They may be anxious about a forthcoming event like making a speech or taking a test. Some, however, suffer from anxiety that begins to affect their whole lives.

Anxiety can affect our emotions, our behaviour and our physical health. It can create a feeling of fear that makes us avoid situations that have caused anxiety in the past.

A recent client came to see me because she wanted to pass her driving test. She had now failed three tests and was beginning to believe she would never get her licence.

After our initial consultation I learned that when she was 17 during her first driving test a lorry had jack knifed in front of her. In her panic she had jumped out of the car and run back to the test centre vowing never to get behind the wheel of a car again.

Recently having moved to Leatherhead and now in her mid thirties with two children she desperately wanted to learn to drive. She had failed two more tests when on each occasion her anxiety had got the better of her.

Using an NLP technique to rewind the memories of that first test and a session of hypnosis with positive suggestions and visualisation about driving, her driving instructor noticed the difference in her straight away.

The day before her test she had another hypnotherapy session here at Leatherhead Hypnotherapy and felt extremely calm, relaxed and confident.

The next day she took her test at Reigate driving test centre and passed easily. The original event, which had left her feeling so anxious, had been dealt with and four weeks later she is driving with confidence.

When we avoid the situations that make us feel anxious often this itself ensures we feel anxious and we start to worry about the next time.

There are many ways hypnotherapy can help with anxiety regardless of the original cause of the problem.
Written by: Eileen Wellings
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