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Spiders and all things creepy crawly

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Posted: 2 December 2017
Spiders and all things creepy crawly
Many people share an irrational fear of spiders. In the United Kingdom we don’t have poisonous spiders. There are one or two spiders that can bite and cause a reaction but unlike other countries we have no dangerous spiders.

Someone who suffers from a spider phobia has an irrational fear of spiders and will run in fear from the tiniest specimen. In the autumn when the large house spiders are seeking a place to hide, life can become a nightmare.

Here at Leatherhead hypnotherapy we have treated many clients with a simple hypnotherapy technique that reduces and even completely removes that irrational fear.

A phobia can begin to take over someone’s life and stop them doing normal everyday things. One client who was sent to me by her Aunty was about to refuse her place at Cambridge because of the fear that she would find a spider in her room and have no one to call upon to deal with it. After one session of hypnosis she was happy to ignore any spider that she saw and went on to have a brilliant career in law.

Another client was refusing the chance of a trip to visit her daughter in Australia because of her fear of spiders; again after one session she booked her flight and had the trip of a lifetime.

Phobia’s can seem trivial if you are not affected but any phobia that takes over someone’s life becomes important. One client who had a snake phobia couldn’t visit her friend even though the snake was in a glass tank. After one session the photo she sent me of herself leaning against the tank has pride of place in my office.

If you suffer from a phobia however trivial one session of hypnotherapy may be all that you need. However, the client who always called on the good-looking young man from the flat across the landing to rescue her was more reluctant than most to give up her spider phobia.
Written by: Eileen Wellings
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