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Do not Worry

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Posted: 14 December 2017
Do not Worry
How difficult is this precept? When do we not worry about the happenings in our lives? Our loved ones, our jobs, our friends, money? Especially at this time of the year with Christmas looming and its associated expenses, it seems it also the time of year when our heating or cars are likely to go wrong and cost us extra just when we don’t need it.

I have bills coming out my ears at the moment and from an income point of view it’s a slow couple of months as people put aside money for Christmas and in January take stock of their lives and either decide to get to grip with their debts or save money. I will admit that it is difficult not to worry about my finances and where the money is going to come from.

Today, I sat down and worked out a budget and I am going to try very hard not to overspend on that budget. I have meditated and sent Reiki to the situation and will continue to do so for the coming days. Reiki has helped me solve other problems in my life and so I trust too that it will help with this and in the meantime, I will try not to worry.

If you are a client of mine, I have a special Christmas offer up my sleeve to help you during the coming season, please email or text for details.

If you are not a client at the moment I have some special deals for Christmas and the New Year.

Yon can also give the gift of Reiki to others, contact me for details of gift vouchers for treatments.
Written by: Reiki by Niamh
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