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New Year Resolutions

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Posted: 1 January 2018
New Year Resolutions
Are your New Year Resolutions already history? Many clients who come to Leatherhead Hypnotherapy started the New Year with plans to loose weight, stop smoking or get fit. Sometimes even all three. Most of these plans have now been abandoned.

One client here at my Leatherhead hypnotherapy clinic said ‘I give up smoking every Monday morning, it lasts until coffee time if I am lucky’.

Why do our resolutions fail? We start out with such good intentions. We join the gym or fill the fridge with healthy food then at the first obstacle we give up and revert to our old habits.

Habits are ingrained in our subconscious mind, whether it is to have a cigarette on our way to work or a chocolate biscuit with our morning coffee. These habits are important to us. Our subconscious had decided that these treats make us feel better.

When the weather is cold and grey we reach for the chocolate bar. When work is stressful and deadlines loom we nip outside for a cigarette. When we plan to go to the gym but our favourite programme is on the television we slump on the sofa.

In hypnotherapy we can reprogram the subconscious mind to adopt new habits which are more beneficial for us. We can leave those old habits behind and learn a new way of thinking.

Instead of seeing the chocolate biscuits as a reward we can learn that refusing the biscuit and beginning to lose weight is a reward in itself. This can lead to us feeling better about ourselves.

Skipping the cigarette break in favour of tidying the clutter on our desk can reward us with not only feeling healthier but also working more efficiently.

Here at Leatherhead hypnotherapy we can help you get your New Year Resolutions back on track.
Written by: Eileen Wellings
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