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Posted: 21 September 2015
At the risk of being labelled 'New Age', this blog is about the power and the energy of a 'Mind over Matter' approach to therapy, In my career I have moved from Psychotherapist, to Clinical Hypnotherapist, into taking a more integrative Coaching approach, adding NLP Mater Practitioner and Trainer along the way. Always focusing on using my words, the sound of my voice, and my presence to create a space in which to effect change. I consider it a great honor that over the years so many people have turned to me, trusting me with their pain, be it physical, emotional or mental dis-ease.

These days I am fascinated by Psychoneuroimmunology, and the work of Scientists like Candace Pert, and Oncologists like Dr. Bernie Siegel. Psycho-neuro-immunology is the study of the connection between what you are thinking and feeling (psycho), your brain and central nervous system function (neuro) and your body's immune system (immunology). In other words, science is now proving what so many of us have known for a long, long time - your state of mind has a direct effect on your well-being.

I have taken great pleasure in the fact that it is now accepted by the scientific community that the endocrine system, the system of hormones, is effected by our thoughts and emotions, that hormones are real molecules, things that can be measured and named, and that our minds, nervous system, and immune system are connected and  interconnected. Our very state of mind affects our neural processing and our bodies, and via versa. If we become ill, if something goes wrong, it is cyclical, and to get out of this vicious cycle we seek an intervention.

For many the answer is always and exclusively allopathic. However given that that the undisputed facts are that the state of your neural processing affects your immune system at a molecular level, directing the functions of our immune systems, cell repair and white blood cell count. Wouldn't it be smart to explore how to achieve an optimal neural processing that stimulates the immune system, promoting rapid cell repair; effective white blood cell count and function? Exploring the cause and effect sequence beginning with the mind makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Talking therapies can give you the mental space to do this, to create a successful self-belief system, to focus the mind into a state that promotes health and wellbeing. Approaches such as Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, NLP, and models using Guided visualization have much to offer, but so does Counseling and other psychotherapeutic interventions.

Just the experience of being heard, and talked with can help so much, and it is our privilege to facilitate this by providing the words, the sounds and the presence - to create a space in which to effect change.
Written by: The Romney Centre
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