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Holistically Cutting Energy Cords

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Posted: 16 October 2015
A client recently sent me this:

"I just had a question I wanted to run by you. I did two cord cuttings last week. I can tell it lifted some fear I was feeling. However, since then, I'm still feeling a literal tug and sometimes a burning sensation in my heart chakra. I've also gotten overwhelmed with a migraine headache and had pangs of fear in my stomach. I feel like I'm still energetically linked to my ex-husband somehow. I'm not sure what is going on here. Did the cords reattach or did they not severe completely or re-establish psychically? What can I do here?"

When we have a strong emotional attachment to something or someone, or we find it difficult to move on and keep ruminating over the past, the emotional energy can create a cord keeping us attached to the situation creating pain. We can get caught up in the loop of wanting to move on, but finding ourselves still continually thinking of the past, finding it difficult to let go.

This is most common with familial and love relationships as they tend to affect us most deeply. Negative attachments drain us of positive, healthy energy and if enough thick emotional energy builds up, you can begin to feel as if a weight is lying on your chest or you've been punched in the stomach. This energy can also disrupt the flow of chi, or prana, and lead to physical symptoms such as migraines, as well as anxiety attacks.

This client had been separated from her husband for a few years, and she successfully had cut the cord of attachment to him, but she had not cleared the energy built up in her heart chakra. The anger, hurt, sadness and fear that was created during the relationship and break-up was still lingering. This stressful energy moved up to her third eye and crown chakras, bringing a cloud of congestion into her head. The feeling of powerlessness that remained from how she felt before and during the divorce was still lodged in her solar plexus chakra.

There are three steps I recommend if you choose this stress relieving technique to release heavy emotional energy from the past.

1. Cut the cord = stopping the cycle of stressful emotional energy flowing back and forth; reducing or eliminating those annoying obsessive thoughts. To cut the cord, first sense where the cord is on you by quieting your mind and recognizing where you feel tense, tight or uneasy. Then visualize a large sword cutting through the cord, slicing it completely. Or use your hand and sweep your body, or use a karate chop movement, to cut it yourself. If you use your hands, wash them with soap and cold water after cutting when possible.

2. Clear out the remaining energy that has pooled into the chakra through energy healing and consciously processing. For clearing stressful energy from chakras, self-treat with Reiki, take flower essences throughout the day or use The Emotion Kit (using homeopathy and laser meridian points). To consciously process the energy out of your system, try Emotional Freedom Technique and Coaching sessions. Journaling your feelings can also be very helpful to process difficult emotions. Ask yourself what are you holding onto? Why? What are you scared will happen if you let go? What will you feel like without carrying this heavy emotion around with you?

3. Chakra Balancing Meditation. Listen to the 10-Minute Chakra Balancer on my album Chakra Healing with Archangels daily for at least 21 days or until you feel lighter and more peaceful.
Written by: Lauralyn Kearney
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