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You are a Powerful Healer - The Power is in Your Hands

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Posted: 22 October 2015
You were born with the magic in your hands. If you take a moment to be still and listen, you will see that there is a part of you that remembers. It may be a knowing that is in every cell of your being, or it may just be a tiny speck. Take the time to notice it and you will see that it is there. Tune in to this part that remembers every single day, allow the healing to flow. Trust in this immense healing power that lies within you and soon you will know it for all that it is.

When there is a part of you that is hurting, allow your hands to guide you, they know what to do. Share your gift with your family, friends, beloved animals and the world. Be like a curious child, full of wonder and possibility. And if you are not ready to share your gift with others, practice on yourself, your animal family, plants, your food.....those that will support you until you are ready.

Know that there is nothing you need to do, except trust and allow the healing energies to flow. The truth is you do not even need your hands, although they are a wonderful tool that allows you to connect. Simply allow the healing energies to emanate out of your being and watch the world respond. Play and have fun with these energies, walk into your regular places with this strong intention and notice what happens. You have such immense power within you and it is time for you to shine.

Breathe deeply now. Allow yourself to know who you are in this moment. You are a powerful healer and you can share this gift in any moment, just as you are. The power is in your hands and your heart and your being. It is all that you are.
Written by: Nicole Jacobsen
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