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The power of massage

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Posted: 3 November 2015
It was 2007 when I started my massage journey, not really having any idea where it would take me. It began unexpectedly, after a psychic told me I needed to start using my hands, without knowing why, I trusted her completely. She had tapped into a deep knowing within and before I knew it I had booked into a weekend massage course and signed up to learn Reiki. I then went on to study relaxation massage, vowing to stop there and that Remedial massage wasn't for me.......a year later I was studying remedial massage. Then I vowed never to study Myotherapy and you guessed it, I ended up doing that to. I have learnt that it's ok to say no but to always leave the door of possibility open!

I've been doing massage for a long time now and it's taught me a lot. The physical aspect alone is remarkable. Helping muscles stay healthy, supporting the systems of the body, improving digestion and helping to detoxify the body. Massage helps to reduce stress, can help to release bottled up emotions and helps promote the body's own healing abilities.

My personal passion lies in combining massage with energy work. This means working on both the physical and energetic bodies. Our energy bodies (chakra's and auras) hold onto traumas and stresses and often this can manifest in our physical body. By balancing our energy systems, that in turn allows the physical body to rebalance and greater healing can occur.

There are many different therapists out there and it is important to find the one that is right for you. The power of massage is beyond what many of us acknowledge it to be. In a busy world where we often forget to nurture and nourish ourselves, the power of touch can bring us back to ourselves and to what is truly important. Massage is a great way to release tension and stress but it is also a wonderful tool to help us maintain our health and prevent future illnesses.

For me massage has been a great teacher and it is an honour and a blessing to do the work that I do.
Written by: Nicole Jacobsen
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