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First Massage given in a year!

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Posted: 7 January 2016
Well I missed it! what can I say? I had a car accident which damaged my shoulder and wrist - a nightmare for any massage therapist! and yesterday marked the turning point in my recovery.

Of course I knew about the muscle response to trauma, but what I wasn't expecting was the X-Ray to show three stubborn calcific deposits withing my rotator cuff located in my right shoulder :( so the business was put on hold, and I diverted onto a course training to be a Hypnotherapist and counsellor in case my shoulder never got any better.

As it happens the accident was probably one of the biggest kick in the rear I have ever had, I love hypnotherapy! and soon I was able to treat people with a fear of the dentist or a phobia of spiders often in one session!

But I digress! I am pleased to have added another string to my bow, with many more to come with any luck!

SO back to the massage, over Christmas I had chatted with my Husband about maybe restarting the massage up again as everything seems to be better (or as good as its going to get regarding my shoulder) He agreed that there would be no harm in trying.
So the dash began... I had forgotten how much equipment you needed (as I had let all my other equipment go through lack of storage, but as we are now building a cabin in our garden for clients to come to us there was no issue anymore.)

A mobile table was ordered, oils, couch roll, towels, hand sanitizer etc etc on and on... but as things started to be delivered... the excitement grew.

The couch finally arrived yesterday and as soon as my husband was home and bathed he was whisked under the towels for a full body massage.

And my findings? you NEVER forget the techniques!

You will need to practice to make sure you have the timings right... and try not to miss the arms (i know there will be a few therapists reading this thinking ... "Hmm I have done that too!" but no biggie, it was a practice run.

And the best thing of all? my shoulder and wrist held out!

My husband? well he now is walking on air and is positive his builder friends would appreciate the wellbeing and relaxation that an elbow to an aching back will bring !

The point to my blogging this is: I had very good reasons to train as a massage therapist, through losing the ability and going through that adversity I added to the peace I could give my Clients, I hope any one else going through such trauma will read this and be inspired to branch off and try something different!
Written by: Harris Holistics
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