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Ways to get kids with ADHD to bed earlier

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Posted: 9 February 2016
If you have a child that has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), then you most likely don’t get much time to yourself. Most parents like to wind down at night, put their feet up and think about the day tomorrow. When you have an ADHD child, you will most likely be battling your child to go to bed instead of winding down.

Apart from the essential therapies to help heal children of ADHD (such as nutrition therapy, supplementation therapy and detoxification), these are some of my favourite ways to get your ADHD child to bed earlier and have a calmer, well rested child.

1.Routine - Kids thrive on routine. Feed and bath them at least an hour or 2 before you want them to sleep and keep to the same dinner and bath time as much as possible. Keep their favourite book next to the bed as reading will help send them off to sleep.

2.Lavender essential oils – proven to calm the mind and bring on the yawn, lavender is a nice gentle oil that can be added to their bath to aid in sleepiness. It also smells just like grandma.

3.Magnesium is a precursor to melatonin – it helps relax the muscles and mind and is perfect to add to drinks in powder form, or in the bath in the form of Epsom salts. Ensure plenty of water is given to your child to drink after you bath them in Epsom salts.

4.Reduce screen time at have no screen time at least 2 hours before bed. Screen time is overpowering for children's brains and studies show it keeps them awake longer.

5.Don’t use fit bits. They may be a cheap device to help you track your child’s sleep – but the odds are, they are actually keeping them awake. If you really feel your child is lacking good quality sleep – then opt for a sleep study instead of a fitbit.

6.Turn off the home Wifi – keep your modem on only when in use. Modems transmit radiation and are best kept off when trying to get some shut eye.

7. Is your child is asking alot of questions before bedtime. Limit them to 3 questions and advise to them to think of some more (in their head) to ask tomorrow.

8. Try using a salt lamp in the home. Salt lamps work by counteracting positive ions from equipment around the home. The air is then purified which reduces airborne allergens and other irritating triggers. It also gives of a lovely glow.

9.The latest research suggest children with ADHD get exercise before and after school. This helps to expell alot of energy and make the transition to sleep easier.

10.If your child wants to have a snack before bed, choose foods high in tryptophan the natural sleep inducing chemical. Opt for foods such as turkey slices, banana, seeds, lentils and eggs.

Written by Elisha Danine - Nutritionist (BHSc Complementary Medicine) Nutrition Therapy for Kids - 15/419 Church St, North Parramatta

Ph: 0403 404 909
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