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Fixing Panic Attacks in 90 minutes

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Posted: 27 June 2016
Jamie, of Chelmsford in Essex, is a talented singer and musician who had not performed for several years because of his 'stage fright'. The panic attacks he suffered before going on stage were so severe that he would wish upon himself a dreadful accident which would prevent him from having to continue. In the end, the anxiety attacks were so bad that he simply gave up.

Now, after just one session of BWRT, Jamie is back up on stage and loving it. Here's what he had to say:

"Claire very skilfully helped me to identify and express my issues with public performance and also to recognise some self-defeating habits and attitudes which were unconsciously holding me back. A single 90 minute session has given me a very different perspective and enabled me to enjoy performing again, I feel positive and re-energised. I am extremely grateful."

Well done, Jamie!
Written by: Benefit Therapy
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