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Case Study: Fixing Stage Fright in One Session with BWRT®

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Posted: 3 July 2016
Gender: Female
Age: 30 -35
Presenting Problem: Stage Fright
Treatment Modality: BWRT®
Number of Sessions: One

Kristina is a fund-raising manager for a mental health charity, and is also a talented singer and musician. But, ever since she started playing open mic nights at the age of 18, Kristina has been plagued by the panic attacks which would build up before going on stage.

Describing how she would feel ‘absolutely petrified’, with physical symptoms including shaking, feeling dizzy and breathless, if she did manage to get up on stage Kristina would find she had completely forgotten the words to songs. The anxiety became so overwhelming that, in the end, she just gave up.

Claire Gaskin, advanced psychotherapist at Benefit Therapy, explains how BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®, can help people with anxiety and panic attacks: “The symptoms Kristina was suffering with are very typical of a panic attack. Sufferers feel powerless to stop the feelings and usually end up avoiding trigger situations completely. BWRT® helps to replace those symptoms, which are automatically activated by certain triggers, with responses which the person would prefer. Kristina wanted to feel relaxed, calm and confident before going on stage, instead of anxious and panicked”.

After one session with Claire, Kristina recently went up on stage at an open mic night and performed some of her own folk songs, feeling so relaxed that she even chatted to members of the audience during the show. Afterwards, she said’ “the therapy really helped me, I don’t seem to get myself into the same panic as I did. I have realised that it’s not so bad as how I was imagining it to be”.

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Written by: Benefit Therapy
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