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Case Study: Stop Nail-Biting with One Session of BWRT

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Posted: 9 July 2016
Gender: Female
Age: 10 - 15
Presenting Problem: Nail-Biting
Treatment Modality: BWRT®
Number of Sessions: One

The client explained that she was constantly biting her finger nails. Sometimes, she was aware of it, but at other times she would chew them absent-mindedly whilst doing something else, such as watching TV.

After getting a Saturday job in a local beauty salon she had become very self-conscious of her hands, with their nails bitten down to the quick and the surrounding skin red raw and sore. She desperately wanted to stop but felt unable to, despite her best efforts.

We talked about stressful situations where she would automatically put her fingers to her mouth. The client remembered one incident in particular, at school, when she had been bullied. The school had contacted her mother to collect her, and the client had to wait in a corridor, on her own, feeling anxious and frightened. She reported a high level of anxiety at the recollection of the experience.

Having decided what she would prefer to do instead of biting her nails, if ever she felt stressed or anxious in the future, BWRT® was used to change the trigger response. Two months later she has still refrained from biting her nails and reports that she has recently had her first professional manicure at the beauty salon where she works.

If you would like help to stop biting your nails, or to quit any undesired habit*, contact me for a free consultation, today.

*this includes quitting smoking, either with hypnotherapy or the scientific method (no hypnosis) with BWRT®
Written by: Benefit Therapy
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