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Fixing a Difficult Relationship with BWRT®

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Posted: 7 August 2016
Gender: Female
Age: 30 -35
Presenting Problem: Difficult Relationship with Mother
Treatment Modality: BWRT®
Number of Sessions: One

The client was struggling with the difficult relationship she had with her mother. Although an adult with children of her own now, she no longer wanted to put up with her mother’s critical and discouraging ways, especially whilst her children were young and impressionable.

Because she believed it would be impossible to change her mother’s behaviour, the client’s therapy goal was to find a way of maintaining a good relationship with her mother whilst being more assertive in her company and unaffected by her negativity.

Discussion revealed that the client carried a heavy sense of guilt and shame over a childhood incident. She felt that her mother had blamed her for something which, retrospectively, she realised she was not responsible for. Subsequently, the client had spent her developmental years feeling bad about herself.

Knowing how she would prefer things to have worked out back then, and exactly how she wanted to respond in the future, one session of BWRT® was used to reduce the emotional impact of the childhood incident. Afterwards, the client stated she was left with the feeling that ‘it was going to be ok’.

A few weeks later the client reported that she was simply not as bothered by her mother’s critical comments in the same way as before and had asserted herself on a couple of occasions when she thought it was necessary. The client added that this felt completely natural, remarking that she was now more at ease in her mother’s company and even that it seemed her mother was being less critical. As a consequence, their overall relationship had improved considerably.
Written by: Benefit Therapy
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