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What is EFT and How Can it Help Me?

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Posted: 19 October 2016
EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is popularly known as ‘tapping’.

It is a fast, simple and effective therapy that has astounded researchers and psychotherapists with it’s ability to swiftly resolve both emotional and physical issues. Blending the best of Eastern alternative therapies with Western psychotherapy, EFT works by applying finger pressure to points along the body’s meridian lines, using the same energy field as acupuncture, while simultaneously using affirmation and focused talking therapy.

EFT has been proven to help people overcome trauma, phobias, emotional issues and chronic pain swiftly and effectively. It can also be used with positive affirmation and visualisation to boost self confidence and self esteem.

EFT is an excellent and effective therapy for women who want to heal the past in order to change the future, as it enables us to get down to the root causes of problems and transform deep seated issues, ridding us of anything that holds up back from achieving our full potential.

I use EFT as part of my integrated therapy packages, and also offer EFT as a single therapy both in person and online. EFT can be easily learned too; I can teach you how to use this therapy for yourself, making it a truly empowering form of healing.
Written by: Kelly Palmer MBCT
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