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Melanie Jessica

Guest Blogger
Joined September 2017
Updated September 23rd 2017

    About Melanie Jessica

    Guest blogger for Click For Therapy on various health & wellness topics which is a big part of my life.

    My name is Melanie-Jessica and I run a beauty blog currently known as Melanie With An ie. I'm 18 years old and from the UK and I currently work for NHS England as a Medical Laboratory Assistant in the department of Pathology.

    I've always been a science nerd and have always had an interest in health and medicine since I knew what a doctor was but more recently, I've been interested in Mental Health and ways to help myself tackle depression, anxiety and PTSD and manage my symptoms while waiting for therapy.

    I'll be talking about my story, ways of coping and other things that may be topical or that I decide warrant a blog post.