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Shoreditch 10K Run 2017 and Pre & Post Sports Massage
Shoreditch 10K run took place on the 8th October and it is the first one within the local area.  The run started and finished in Shoreditch park.  It has been a great success with 10,000 participants crossing the finish line.  The weather conditions were just right and some of the runners arrived back in under 40 minutes.  Alike the Hackney full and half marathon it is quite a flat run and easily manageable with... Read more
Written by: Agija Breeze therapies 30 October 2017
Inner wealth by Louise Smart at Emotional Detox top listed by Harper's Bazaar
We need inner and outer wealth by Louise Smart at Emotional Detox - top listed in Harper's Bazaar How Feeling Loved Up On The Inside Could Save Your relationships If you can’t actually feel the powerful warm glow of love inside you, then you’ll always silently crave it or demand it from someone else and feel hurt, rejected or resentful when you can’t have what you want. Too many people are... Read more
Written by: Emotional Detox 28 October 2017
VegfestUK London 2017
The UK's biggest vegan event VegfestUK returns to Olympia London on October 21st 22nd 2017, bringing an awesome vegan experience to tens of thousands of visitors for the 5th year running. With space to accommodate up to 300 stalls and up to 15,000 visitors over the whole weekend, VegfestUK London is the stuff of dreams for vegans as well as an increasing amount of vegan-curious people and festival lovers - it has... Read more
Written by: Admin 14 October 2017
Sanctus launch radical mental health pledge for business
“Bring Your Full Self To Work” – a new Pledge for businesses to support mental health. It was the story of Madelyn Parker, whose boss backed her decision to take a mental health day off work, that inspired Sanctus to launch its own Mental Health Pledge for every business in Britain. Madelyn’s story went viral. “We saw Madelyn’s tweet and the response it got and thought, that should be the standard,... Read more
Written by: Admin 10 October 2017
5 Ways To Chill Out and De-Stress
So as it's World Mental Health Day, I thought it would be nice to share some of the ways I calm myself down and chill out when my mood gets low. There may be some boring sciencey spiel here so bear with me but hey, if science says it works? I suffer with depression so sometimes I have low days and some of these things are things that I do when I feel a bit low. If you're in the same position I really hope... Read more
Written by: Melanie Jessica 9 October 2017
Seven routes to better work-life balance
Work-life balance is a concept that sounds good on paper but can be tricky to get right in your own life. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are seven ways that you can achieve a better work-life-family balance: 1 Plan your work and home priorities together. Know when you have key dates and activities in each area that will take more of your time. For example, if a work project means you’ll stay late... Read more
Written by: Lucy Stanyer Life Coach 2 October 2017
What is your trust policy
In my work as a Counsellor, I am very aware of how important trust is in the therapy room. It’s like the magic ingredient that really allows the therapeutic process to begin and flow freely. Some clients arrive ready to share, but for others it takes time to recognise that they are in a safe space where they can allow themselves to be vulnerable. I feel honoured and greatly respect the trust shown each time a... Read more
Written by: Tangled Thoughts 26 September 2017
Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month: I put 20 people to test with my gynae quiz!
New research by The Eve Appeal found that 50% of men couldn’t identify a vagina on a diagram. Perhaps even more damagingly the study of 1000 men found that only half would feel comfortable discussing gynaecological health with their partner. This research highlights just how little gynaecological health is understood, discussed, and how gynaecological health is still a taboo subject. September is... Read more
Written by: Lydia Brain 24 September 2017
How blogging helped me be me again
Hi everyone! I'm a new guest blogger here at Click For Therapy so I guess an introduction is in order! My name is Melanie-Jessica and I'm an 18 year old girl living in the United Kingdom. I am a Medical Laboratory Assistant for NHS England but in my spare time, I run a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog called Melanie With An ie. I've been a sufferer of mental health issues for many years now and have been... Read more
Written by: Melanie Jessica 22 September 2017
5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Even if you love your job, any workplace can be stressful due to tight deadlines and long hours. Stress impacts on all aspects of your health, so it is crucial to react to the needs of your body and mind. This can be done in simple steps to gain a positive, stress-free attitude in the office.

Take regular breaks
Your desk is where you will likely spend most of your day so regular... Read more

Written by: Admin 21 September 2017
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