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What is EFT and How Can it Help Me?
EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is popularly known as ‘tapping’. It is a fast, simple and effective therapy that has astounded researchers and psychotherapists with it’s ability to swiftly resolve both emotional and physical issues. Blending the best of Eastern alternative therapies with Western psychotherapy, EFT works by applying finger pressure to points along the body’s meridian lines, using the... Read more
Written by: Kelly Palmer MBCT 19 October 2016
Case Study: Disturbed Sleep and Recurring Dreams
Gender: Male Age: 70 - 75 Presenting problem: Disturbed sleep caused by Recurring Dreams Treatment modality: Hypnotherapy Number of sessions: 2 The client had been suffering from disturbing, recurring dreams for a couple of years, and his days had begun to be dominated by them: he would dread going to bed and would wake in the morning feeling tired and unrefreshed. Often, he went back to bed later in the... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 10 September 2016
Fixing a Difficult Relationship with BWRT®
Gender: Female Age: 30 -35 Presenting Problem: Difficult Relationship with Mother Treatment Modality: BWRT® Number of Sessions: One The client was struggling with the difficult relationship she had with her mother. Although an adult with children of her own now, she no longer wanted to put up with her mother’s critical and discouraging ways, especially whilst her children were young and impressionable.... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 7 August 2016
Case Study: Fixing a Smoking Habit and an Unexpected Guilty Secret
Gender: Female Age: 40-45 Presenting problem: Smoking Habit and an Unexpected Guilty Secret Treatment modality: BWRT® Number of sessions: 1 The client wanted to stop smoking and displayed a strong motivational desire to quit, expressing her great fear of developing lung cancer - not just of her life being cut short but of the painful, drawn-out death it would mean. She was vibrant and ambitious with plans... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 24 July 2016
Reducing Anxiety Caused by Neuropathic Pain
People might think that the biggest problem neuralgia causes is pain. But, often, the fear of a sudden neuralgic attack can develop into anxiety which affects day-to-day life. In some situations, the anxiety can be so debilitating that a sufferer might stop going out altogether. This is what happened to Teresa. Twenty years ago she experienced a sudden stabbing, searing pain in her face and neck. Her doctor... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 14 July 2016
Case Study: Stop Nail-Biting with One Session of BWRT
Gender: Female Age: 10 - 15 Presenting Problem: Nail-Biting Treatment Modality: BWRT® Number of Sessions: One The client explained that she was constantly biting her finger nails. Sometimes, she was aware of it, but at other times she would chew them absent-mindedly whilst doing something else, such as watching TV. After getting a Saturday job in a local beauty salon she had become very self-conscious of... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 9 July 2016
That annoying little voice in your head!
Many of us will have voices in our head from childhood – the angry father, the narcissistic mother – regularly reminding us of our failings and shortcomings and undermining our confidence and well being – stopping us from getting on with life and achieving our full potential today. Time Line Therapy is a simple and effective method of silencing those voices once and for all.  A way of healing the child... Read more
Written by: Mind to Change 6 July 2016
Case Study: Fixing Stage Fright in One Session with BWRT®
Gender: Female Age: 30 -35 Presenting Problem: Stage Fright Treatment Modality: BWRT® Number of Sessions: One Kristina is a fund-raising manager for a mental health charity, and is also a talented singer and musician. But, ever since she started playing open mic nights at the age of 18, Kristina has been plagued by the panic attacks which would build up before going on stage. Describing how she would feel... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 3 July 2016
Fixing Panic Attacks in 90 minutes
Jamie, of Chelmsford in Essex, is a talented singer and musician who had not performed for several years because of his 'stage fright'. The panic attacks he suffered before going on stage were so severe that he would wish upon himself a dreadful accident which would prevent him from having to continue. In the end, the anxiety attacks were so bad that he simply gave up. Now, after just one session of BWRT, Jamie... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 27 June 2016
Stress Management
Worrying does not take away TOMORROW's problems, it takes away TODAY's peace Whatever your past has been, you have a SPOTLESS future! "If you change the way you look at things... the things you look at - CHANGE! (Wayne... Read more
Written by: Lynda Anne Spain 26 June 2016
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