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Case Study: Overcoming Clinical Depression with BWRT
Gender: Female Age: 35 - 40 Presenting problem: Clinical Depression Treatment modality: Advanced Level BWRT® Number of sessions: 5 Note: Advanced Level BWRT® aims to replace unwanted and unhelpful images of self with a desired, positive image of self. At the outset, this client had a strong belief that positive change was not possible. She had been suffering with clinical depression for more than 20 years... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 23 June 2016
Limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviours
Sometimes we are held back by our past – trapped by unhelpful behaviours, intrusive memories – experiences buried deep in our physical bodies as well as our unconscious minds – which are preventing us living fulfilling and enjoyable lives today. We may know exactly what these are or we may just have a small unease or recurring symptoms such as overeating, extreme nervousness or anxiety, panic attacks,... Read more
Written by: Mind to Change 21 June 2016
Case Study: Overcoming Generalised Anxiety Disorder with BWRT
Gender: Female Age: 20 - 30 Presenting problem: Generalised Anxiety Disorder [GAD] Treatment modality: BWRT Number of sessions: 5 At the initial assessment, ten serious anxiety-inducing thoughts or situations were identified. The most problematic was a fear of dying. The client described the anxiety as peaking several times a day, every day, resulting in a subsequent behaviour ritual that she felt compelled... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 20 June 2016
Networking events
I host the British Association of counselling and Psychotherapy and the Complementary Therapy Association networking meetings, which are held in January, April, July and October each year. We encourage members and non members to attend. Therapists can mix and mingle and share best practice, whilst undertaking CPD in the form of presentations, workshops and discussion. We aim to provide space and time for... Read more
Written by: Colorpurple Therapies 25 May 2016
Acupuncture for Heel Pain - Get Running Again
The Problem Heel pain can cause problems for many a keen runner. Jan, a 51 year old keen amateur runner, came to see me about persistent heel pain. Although she had not had a definite diagnosis, the location and nature of the pain appeared to match what one would expect with plantar fasciitis. Her heel had been ‘niggly’ for the previous year, but in the past 4 months it had steadily become worse. Jan only... Read more
Written by: Jackie Graham 29 April 2016
It's time to let go and let the magic flow!
I have to be honest and tell you that I don't always let go very easily. I am one of those people who is always thinking and wondering what else I can do to improve my world, myself, my business. That hasn't necessarily been a bad thing as some action does help but what I have to keep reminding myself of, is that it's when we let go that the magic really happens. Back in 2013 when I did my Meditation Teacher... Read more
Written by: Nicole Jacobsen 14 April 2016
An Introduction to our Bringing Baby Home Couples Workshops
Congratulations! You are having a new baby – but please don’t forget - you also have a marriage! There are over 300,000 babies born in Australia every year. 300,000 sets of parents navigating a range of changes in their relationship as their new bundle of joy arrives! Sadly, bringing home a new baby is not the emotional epicentre of happiness that is often portrayed in the media or believed by the masses! In... Read more
Written by: Burleigh Heads 7 April 2016
What to Expect from Your First Massage
Booking your first ever massage can be a little intimidating, especially if you have no idea what to expect. Obviously you know what a massage is and what to expect from the treatment itself. But knowing the spa etiquette and what to expect from the moment you turn up can be a daunting for first-timers. In this article I will outline what you can expect from a typical first-time visit to a spa or a massage... Read more
Written by: Admin 15 February 2016
Ways to get kids with ADHD to bed earlier
If you have a child that has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), then you most likely don’t get much time to yourself. Most parents like to wind down at night, put their feet up and think about the day tomorrow. When you have an ADHD child, you will most likely be battling your child to go to bed instead of winding down. Apart from the essential therapies to help heal... Read more
Written by: Nutrition 9 February 2016
First Massage given in a year!
Well I missed it! what can I say? I had a car accident which damaged my shoulder and wrist - a nightmare for any massage therapist! and yesterday marked the turning point in my recovery. Of course I knew about the muscle response to trauma, but what I wasn't expecting was the X-Ray to show three stubborn calcific deposits withing my rotator cuff located in my right shoulder :( so the business was put on hold, and... Read more
Written by: Harris Holistics 7 January 2016
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