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The London Health Show launches Meet the Buyers alongside industry leading conference and show
London welcomes the exciting new expo on January 20th & 21st - The London Health Show 2016! Demand in the UK for health-related products & services is booming, providing an exciting opportunity for the launch of The London Health Show which is a FREE to attend trade show, taking place at the Olympia. As buyers and distributors across the UK look for innovative and high-quality health products from around the... Read more
Written by: Admin 27 November 2015
The power of massage
It was 2007 when I started my massage journey, not really having any idea where it would take me. It began unexpectedly, after a psychic told me I needed to start using my hands, without knowing why, I trusted her completely. She had tapped into a deep knowing within and before I knew it I had booked into a weekend massage course and signed up to learn Reiki. I then went on to study relaxation massage, vowing to... Read more
Written by: Nicole Jacobsen 3 November 2015
A Tale of Two Women
A client needed help making a decision. He had to choose between two women. One he had known for a long time and their relationship had been tumultuous with many make-ups and break-ups. The other gave him everything he wanted but didn't make him "work" for it. He didn't feel challenged, and that left him feeling bored and less appreciative than he felt he should be. Should he choose Girl #1: and endure the... Read more
Written by: Lauralyn Kearney 24 October 2015
You are a Powerful Healer - The Power is in Your Hands
You were born with the magic in your hands. If you take a moment to be still and listen, you will see that there is a part of you that remembers. It may be a knowing that is in every cell of your being, or it may just be a tiny speck. Take the time to notice it and you will see that it is there. Tune in to this part that remembers every single day, allow the healing to flow. Trust in this immense healing power that... Read more
Written by: Nicole Jacobsen 22 October 2015
Getting Through The Toughest Times
Today I coached a client who has been coping with major stress after losing her job. She has car and house payments, an elderly diabetic parent and is still grieving the loss of her beloved father. Some days are overwhelming for her and she is constantly tempted to lose faith that she and her family will be okay. Her emotions reminded me of my own crisis years ago during my divorce. I was desperately trying to save... Read more
Written by: Lauralyn Kearney 21 October 2015
5 Steps To Transition From A Break-Up
When relationships come to an end, so do the visions of what could have been. It's natural to grieve the loss on many levels - the loss of companionship, love, intimacy and the future you envisioned together. One of the questions clients ask me most is: how do I move on from this person when I can't stop thinking about them? There is a process that has helped many begin healing and moving forward. Here are some... Read more
Written by: Lauralyn Kearney 17 October 2015
Holistically Cutting Energy Cords
A client recently sent me this: "I just had a question I wanted to run by you. I did two cord cuttings last week. I can tell it lifted some fear I was feeling. However, since then, I'm still feeling a literal tug and sometimes a burning sensation in my heart chakra. I've also gotten overwhelmed with a migraine headache and had pangs of fear in my stomach. I feel like I'm still energetically linked to my... Read more
Written by: Lauralyn Kearney 16 October 2015
Can you learn reiki online?
There seems to be a great deal of activity on social media every time an online reiki course pops up. The debate is mostly split into three categories, those that just don’t accept reiki – period, those that think it’s a great opportunity, and those that are adamant reiki cannot and should not be taught via online learning. Now, I’m in full favour of modern technology and how it can enhance our lives, and... Read more
Written by: Jikiden Reiki Dojo 1 October 2015
How to Keep Healthy and Joyful During the Autumn
As we have just entered the season of Autumn, I have been reflecting on what the "Autumn energy" means to us. From an eastern medicine point of view, elements in the environment, our bodies, nature, emotions etc. are related or connected. So there is a special significance between the seasons to various internal organs in our body, our emotions during this time and the energy that dominates this time. If... Read more
Written by: Balance and Bliss 29 September 2015
October is Pituitary awareness month
What is the pituitary gland? The pituitary gland is important because if controls other hormone glands, for example; the adrenals and thyroid. It is the size of a pea and consists of two lobes anterior and posterior sitting behind the bridge of the nose close to the optic nerves at the base of the brain. The anterior section makes growth and puberty hormones and TSH which stimulates the thyroid gland to... Read more
Written by: Colorpurple Therapies 24 September 2015
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