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Dealing with loss at Christmas
It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or is it? Many of us take for granted the festive period and the meaning of Christmas. The endless advertising of Christmas paraphernalia before the Halloween stock has even left the shelves. The usual Christmas pop songs playing on repeat. We become bombarded with advertising campaigns of harmonious families coming together for the all-important overindulgent... Read more
Written by: New Frame Therapy 15 December 2017
3 steps to stop a panic attack in its tracks
A panic attack can feel absolutely terrifying, at it’s worst it can feel like you are dying. But did you know that a panic attack is the body’s threat system going into overdrive? The anxiety you feel is the body’s way of preparing you for flight or fight. Once a threat is detected your body responds automatically and adrenaline floods the system. All of the changes happen for good reasons, but may be... Read more
Written by: Ranmoor Therapy 4 December 2017
Many people are effected by narcissism. Either by a parent or parents or by a loved one ie spouse, sibling or friend. Being caught up in the web of a naccisist can leave a person broken, empty, drained, feelings of suicide, feelings of insanity. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which there is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of... Read more
Written by: S E Listens 12 November 2017
Aspects of Remembering
This week marks the anniversary of the ending of the First World War on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. We remember. How is remembering for you – not just in association with Remembrance Day, but remembering your life events, people, places? Remembrance Sunday has been a large part of my life for many years.  With a grandfather who was in the Royal Navy in WW1, a father serving in the army... Read more
Written by: Dee Chadwick 10 November 2017
Inner wealth by Louise Smart at Emotional Detox top listed by Harper's Bazaar
We need inner and outer wealth by Louise Smart at Emotional Detox - top listed in Harper's Bazaar How Feeling Loved Up On The Inside Could Save Your relationships If you can’t actually feel the powerful warm glow of love inside you, then you’ll always silently crave it or demand it from someone else and feel hurt, rejected or resentful when you can’t have what you want. Too many people are... Read more
Written by: Emotional Detox 28 October 2017
What is your trust policy
In my work as a Counsellor, I am very aware of how important trust is in the therapy room. It’s like the magic ingredient that really allows the therapeutic process to begin and flow freely. Some clients arrive ready to share, but for others it takes time to recognise that they are in a safe space where they can allow themselves to be vulnerable. I feel honoured and greatly respect the trust shown each time a... Read more
Written by: Tangled Thoughts 26 September 2017
How to beat the holiday stress
Summer is nearly over, but that doesn't mean we don't deserve a relaxing break to unwind from our daily stress. We can face stress and worries on a daily basis, so a holiday is the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and de-stress. Our well-being and mental health can really benefit from time away from our usual routines, where we can reconnect with ourselves and recharge our batteries. Many people may be... Read more
Written by: Admin 15 September 2017
LGBTQI specific counselling
First and foremost, LGBTQI specific counselling, is not about intentionally or unintentionally creating a ‘difference’ among people. It is, however, about recognising the inherent differences and experiences that are already there, and working in a way that honours these AND the full person of the client. There are many aspects to working in a therapeutic counselling relationship with LGBTQI people (or with... Read more
Written by: Macfarlanetherapy 21 August 2017
When feelings become frozen
Sometimes our emotions can become frozen. This can happen when we’ve experienced something traumatic in our childhood and is an effective coping strategy that protects us from overwhelming feelings. This coping mechanism helped us survive those difficult times without being consumed by sadness, anger and fear . But for many people not being able to express emotion becomes problematic in adult life. Sometimes it... Read more
Written by: Ranmoor Therapy 19 July 2017
The Right Time
My 15 year old son asked me recently: “Why don’t we learn more about real life at school?” What an insightful question. In the midst, of his exams, he was wondering why he was having to learn some of these seemingly irrelevant things, yet at the same time feeling there were important life lessons that weren’t even considered for the school curriculum. Did you get taught to reach out to others at... Read more
Written by: Pure Potential Scotland 18 July 2017
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