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Hypnotherapy blog posts

New Year Resolutions
Are your New Year Resolutions already history? Many clients who come to Leatherhead Hypnotherapy started the New Year with plans to loose weight, stop smoking or get fit. Sometimes even all three. Most of these plans have now been abandoned. One client here at my Leatherhead hypnotherapy clinic said ‘I give up smoking every Monday morning, it lasts until coffee time if I am lucky’. Why do our... Read more
Written by: Eileen Wellings 1 January 2018
Christmas Stress
Christmas is a very stressful time of year here at Surrey Hypnotherapy Clinic we are juggling shopping, carol services, school nativity plays with seeing clients who are more stressed than usual. Recently I have been asked what can I do, how can I get through the next few weeks, clients say I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep, I have a constant headache and often one or other members of the family are suffering... Read more
Written by: Eileen Wellings 10 December 2017
Spiders and all things creepy crawly
Many people share an irrational fear of spiders. In the United Kingdom we don’t have poisonous spiders. There are one or two spiders that can bite and cause a reaction but unlike other countries we have no dangerous spiders. Someone who suffers from a spider phobia has an irrational fear of spiders and will run in fear from the tiniest specimen. In the autumn when the large house spiders are seeking a place... Read more
Written by: Eileen Wellings 2 December 2017
When Anxiety Strikes
Many clients come to see me through suffering from anxiety. They may be anxious about a forthcoming event like making a speech or taking a test. Some, however, suffer from anxiety that begins to affect their whole lives. Anxiety can affect our emotions, our behaviour and our physical health. It can create a feeling of fear that makes us avoid situations that have caused anxiety in the past. A recent client... Read more
Written by: Eileen Wellings 24 November 2017
Hypnosis – To Enhance Many Aspects of Your Life
A common misconception about Hypnosis is that you “lose control” in some way and surrender your power to the therapist. This may arise from places where hypnosis has been used for entertainment, such as stage hypnosis, and other experiences that have not fully been explained or understood. The reality is that losing control in hypnosis is a long way from the truth of what actually happens. For hypnosis is a... Read more
Written by: Solutions for the Soul 19 August 2017
Moving On After a Relationship Break-UP
There are no set rules when it comes to the best way in dealing with a relationship break up because most of the actions you need to take will need to be customised to your own unique situation. That’s why at The hypnotherapy and NLP Clinic in Hertfordshire, we always perform a consultation (fact finding) session first to find out more about how you are thinking and feeling presently and where you’d like to... Read more
Written by: HNC Clinic 3 August 2017
Dealing with Anxiety in the Workplace
Anxiety is one of the biggest mental health and well being challenges face by adults. In a survey covering Great Britain, 1 in 6 adults had experienced some form of ‘neurotic health problem’ in the previous week. The most common neurotic disorders were anxiety and depressive disorders. Since the majority of us spend the vast majority of our awakened adult life at work. It makes sense that anxiety will, if not... Read more
Written by: HNC Clinic 25 July 2017
Case Study: Disturbed Sleep and Recurring Dreams
Gender: Male Age: 70 - 75 Presenting problem: Disturbed sleep caused by Recurring Dreams Treatment modality: Hypnotherapy Number of sessions: 2 The client had been suffering from disturbing, recurring dreams for a couple of years, and his days had begun to be dominated by them: he would dread going to bed and would wake in the morning feeling tired and unrefreshed. Often, he went back to bed later in the... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 10 September 2016
Reducing Anxiety Caused by Neuropathic Pain
People might think that the biggest problem neuralgia causes is pain. But, often, the fear of a sudden neuralgic attack can develop into anxiety which affects day-to-day life. In some situations, the anxiety can be so debilitating that a sufferer might stop going out altogether. This is what happened to Teresa. Twenty years ago she experienced a sudden stabbing, searing pain in her face and neck. Her doctor... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 14 July 2016
That annoying little voice in your head!
Many of us will have voices in our head from childhood – the angry father, the narcissistic mother – regularly reminding us of our failings and shortcomings and undermining our confidence and well being – stopping us from getting on with life and achieving our full potential today. Time Line Therapy is a simple and effective method of silencing those voices once and for all.  A way of healing the child... Read more
Written by: Mind to Change 6 July 2016
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