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Psychotherapy blog posts

Post Natal Depression - A Reflective Tale
Psychotherapist and Counsellor Sara Shoesmith writes about her personal experience of PND and how she came out of her Depression with determination and the right support. It was happening, I was finally in labour. The long awaited time of welcoming my precious newborn was almost here. Most people describe those first moments as special, magical and amazing. When my daughter was born in April 2016, I felt fear,... Read more
Written by: Only Human Therapy 5 December 2017
Self Care defines self care as any activity that you do voluntarily which helps you maintain your physical, mental or emotional health. If you are stressed, finding it difficult to organise your time or feeling generally overwhelmed by all you need to do, maybe your system is crying out for a little time out. It may be you've not been caring for yourself, whilst juggling the many different roles you hold. You... Read more
Written by: SoMCounsPsych 16 July 2017
Case Study: Stop Nail-Biting with One Session of BWRT
Gender: Female Age: 10 - 15 Presenting Problem: Nail-Biting Treatment Modality: BWRT® Number of Sessions: One The client explained that she was constantly biting her finger nails. Sometimes, she was aware of it, but at other times she would chew them absent-mindedly whilst doing something else, such as watching TV. After getting a Saturday job in a local beauty salon she had become very self-conscious of... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 9 July 2016
Case Study: Fixing Stage Fright in One Session with BWRT®
Gender: Female Age: 30 -35 Presenting Problem: Stage Fright Treatment Modality: BWRT® Number of Sessions: One Kristina is a fund-raising manager for a mental health charity, and is also a talented singer and musician. But, ever since she started playing open mic nights at the age of 18, Kristina has been plagued by the panic attacks which would build up before going on stage. Describing how she would feel... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 3 July 2016
Fixing Panic Attacks in 90 minutes
Jamie, of Chelmsford in Essex, is a talented singer and musician who had not performed for several years because of his 'stage fright'. The panic attacks he suffered before going on stage were so severe that he would wish upon himself a dreadful accident which would prevent him from having to continue. In the end, the anxiety attacks were so bad that he simply gave up. Now, after just one session of BWRT, Jamie... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 27 June 2016
Case Study: Overcoming Clinical Depression with BWRT
Gender: Female Age: 35 - 40 Presenting problem: Clinical Depression Treatment modality: Advanced Level BWRT® Number of sessions: 5 Note: Advanced Level BWRT® aims to replace unwanted and unhelpful images of self with a desired, positive image of self. At the outset, this client had a strong belief that positive change was not possible. She had been suffering with clinical depression for more than 20 years... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 23 June 2016
Case Study: Overcoming Generalised Anxiety Disorder with BWRT
Gender: Female Age: 20 - 30 Presenting problem: Generalised Anxiety Disorder [GAD] Treatment modality: BWRT Number of sessions: 5 At the initial assessment, ten serious anxiety-inducing thoughts or situations were identified. The most problematic was a fear of dying. The client described the anxiety as peaking several times a day, every day, resulting in a subsequent behaviour ritual that she felt compelled... Read more
Written by: Benefit Therapy 20 June 2016
Networking events
I host the British Association of counselling and Psychotherapy and the Complementary Therapy Association networking meetings, which are held in January, April, July and October each year. We encourage members and non members to attend. Therapists can mix and mingle and share best practice, whilst undertaking CPD in the form of presentations, workshops and discussion. We aim to provide space and time for... Read more
Written by: Colorpurple Therapies 25 May 2016