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Reiki blog posts

Do not Worry
How difficult is this precept? When do we not worry about the happenings in our lives? Our loved ones, our jobs, our friends, money? Especially at this time of the year with Christmas looming and its associated expenses, it seems it also the time of year when our heating or cars are likely to go wrong and cost us extra just when we don’t need it. I have bills coming out my ears at the moment and from an income... Read more
Written by: Reiki by Niamh 14 December 2017
You are a Powerful Healer - The Power is in Your Hands
You were born with the magic in your hands. If you take a moment to be still and listen, you will see that there is a part of you that remembers. It may be a knowing that is in every cell of your being, or it may just be a tiny speck. Take the time to notice it and you will see that it is there. Tune in to this part that remembers every single day, allow the healing to flow. Trust in this immense healing power that... Read more
Written by: Nicole Jacobsen 22 October 2015
Holistically Cutting Energy Cords
A client recently sent me this: "I just had a question I wanted to run by you. I did two cord cuttings last week. I can tell it lifted some fear I was feeling. However, since then, I'm still feeling a literal tug and sometimes a burning sensation in my heart chakra. I've also gotten overwhelmed with a migraine headache and had pangs of fear in my stomach. I feel like I'm still energetically linked to my... Read more
Written by: Lauralyn Kearney 16 October 2015
Can you learn reiki online?
There seems to be a great deal of activity on social media every time an online reiki course pops up. The debate is mostly split into three categories, those that just don’t accept reiki – period, those that think it’s a great opportunity, and those that are adamant reiki cannot and should not be taught via online learning. Now, I’m in full favour of modern technology and how it can enhance our lives, and... Read more
Written by: Jikiden Reiki Dojo 1 October 2015