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The 30-Day Reset - Isn't it time you became the HERO of your own Journey
The 30-Day Reset will launch on January 8th, 2018. No matter your condition, or that of your clients, the plan can be followed and tweak according to your/their current state of health. If you had to decide on a New Year Resolution that you know you will keep and that will set you on a new journey towards optimum health and vitality, will you ignore it? I believe you would not! Why? Because being... Read more
Written by: Exquisite Private Chef 6 December 2017
Survive the Greetings Season
If you only had one New Year resolution that you know you will keep, what would it be? - Loose Weight - Go to the Gym - Try Yoga and meditation - Spend more quality time with the family - Drink Less - Eat healthier - Look after myself better - Be nicer to people... What if you had one program that will help you get over the over-abundance of the festive period and set you on a new path towards Health,... Read more
Written by: Exquisite Private Chef 28 November 2017
Detoxification: The Liver
To detoxify the body we must achieve cellular elimination first, that is, we must encourage the cells of the liver, kidney and other organs to both detoxify and then externalise their toxic content, to finally do their job at detoxifying the rest of the body cells – and our body entirely. It has also been said that detoxification must always be supervised by a health practitioner. Some practitioners suggest... Read more
Written by: Exquisite Private Chef 22 November 2017