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Blog posts by Ranmoor Therapy

3 steps to stop a panic attack in its tracks
A panic attack can feel absolutely terrifying, at it’s worst it can feel like you are dying. But did you know that a panic attack is the body’s threat system going into overdrive? The anxiety you feel is the body’s way of preparing you for flight or fight. Once a threat is detected your body responds automatically and adrenaline floods the system. All of the changes happen for good reasons, but may be... Read more
Written by: Ranmoor Therapy 4 December 2017
When feelings become frozen
Sometimes our emotions can become frozen. This can happen when we’ve experienced something traumatic in our childhood and is an effective coping strategy that protects us from overwhelming feelings. This coping mechanism helped us survive those difficult times without being consumed by sadness, anger and fear . But for many people not being able to express emotion becomes problematic in adult life. Sometimes it... Read more
Written by: Ranmoor Therapy 19 July 2017
Are you in the grips of a screen addiction
Screen addiction, it’s not something we want to think about is it? Until it becomes a problem… Much has been written about screen addiction, most of it with sensationalist headlines, suggesting its akin to a Cocaine habit, and that it damages our brains. These hyper charged statements push us further towards our screens. It’s much easier to avoid thinking about a habit, or what might need paying... Read more
Written by: Ranmoor Therapy 22 June 2017
The stiff upper lip
The stiff upper lip – it’s a phrase synonymous with Britishness isn’t it? Like warm beer, strawberries and cream it is part of our British identity. And sometimes it’s useful. In the face of adversity it pays to have a stiff upper lip, or a poker face. But keep the mask up for too long and you will lose a bit of your true self. Prince Harry’s admission that he’s turned to counselling to help him... Read more
Written by: Ranmoor Therapy 20 June 2017
When you are at the top of your game who do you turn to?
We all need someone to talk to who is non judgemental, really listening and honest in their responses. If you are in a senior position in your organisation or are a business leader, there are very few people you can speak to who will only focus on you. When you talk to family members they can only grasp a certain amount and generally want you to detach from work when you are at home. If you talk to a business... Read more
Written by: Ranmoor Therapy 20 June 2017