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Verified Therapists

You will notice some therapists have verified accounts. In order to obtain a verified account a therapist has send us proof of qualifications and proof of insurance. We verify these details at the time of verification. Whilst we request that therapists inform us of any changes in qualifications or insurance polices, we do not monitor this information after the initial verification process. You as an individual, and user of Click For Therapy are responsible for checking the credibility, qualifications and insurance of any therapist prior to using their services. A reputable therapist will have no issue with providing you with any information you require. If a therapist can't prove a qualification, or show that they are adequately insured do not use them. We are not liable for any incident or problems that may occur by using the information provided on Click For Therapy.


Click For Therapy is a directory for professionals within the therapy sector. Our database is marketed towards individuals and organisations who are professionally qualified and insured to practice in their listed area. We do not individually verify or monitor each individual who signs up for an account. It is the responsibility of any user of Click For Therapy to do their own research on any individual listed. Prior to using the services of any of the therapists listed you must check their qualifications and insurance details. We are not liable for any problems that may occur as a result of contacting a member of the Click For Therapy database. We do have verified users, these members have a green tick next to their profile.