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The below terms apply to anyone accessing, browsing or registering to become a member of Click For Therapy "". By using this website in any way it means that you accept our terms in their intirety. If you do not agree with these terms then do not use the Click For Therapy "" website.


Click For Therapy "" is a directory for professionally qualified therapists. If you are signing up for an account you must be a registered with a professional association and you must be legally qualified to practise in your area of expertise. If you are practising in an area that doesn't have a specific legal qualification you must be a qualified to give medical advise and you must be professionally trained to conduct your therapy. In order to join Click For Therapy "" you must also have insurance that covers you to practise your specific therapy. On joining Click For Therapy "" you acknowledge that the afore mentioned statements are correct. We are not responsible for verifying the legitimacy of every account, the responsibility to comply lies with the joining therapist. If you are using this site as a "business user" i.e. a therapist we are not liable for any problem, personal injury or death that may occur when you are practising in your listed area. We are also not liable for any loss of business, loss of profit, loss of opportunity or interruption to business that you may experience. We are not liable for any other issue that may arise as a result of using this website.

Regardless of whether you have a free or paid membership, it is understood that the site may occasionally have maintenance issues which may effect users ability to access their account. We will not be liable to you if the site is unavailable to you for any reason, for any period of time. If you have registered as a company and have several people who use your account, it is understood that all members are in acceptance of our terms.


Any information you supply when registering will be considered as non-confidential and may be displayed on your public profile for public to see. If you have information that you don't want to be publicly visible do not upload it to the site. If you do not wish for your home address, or personal email to be displayed please make sure you use your business address when registering and an professional email address. Please note that you can change your information at any time by logging into your account. You verify that when uploading any text, logos or information to our website that you are the legal owner and that you are not infringing the copyright of any third party. We have the right to use, distribute, copy and disclose this information to any third party, for any purpose. Click For Therapy "" are not responsible for any copyright infringements committed by our users. Any information or views represented by our users do not represent the views or values of Click For Therapy "". Contributions may not contain offensive, defamatory, obscene, inflammatory or hateful material. Contributions must not promote discrimination of any kind. Contributions must not promote violence or contain sexually explicit material. All contributions must be legal, genuine and state facts accurately. It is a criminal offence to obtain work by deception.


If you are using the Click For Therapy "" website to find a therapist it is your responsibility to ensure that anybody you contact is legally qualified to practise and has adequate insurance. You understand that the information on the Click For Therapy "" is purely for information purposes and is not necessarily factually correct or verified by us. In our terms we clearly state that therapists are not permitted to join our database unless they are legally qualified and insured, however we do not verify each member and we do not monitor for changes in their qualifications or circumstances. We are not liable in anyway for any problem, personal injury or death that may occur as a result of using our database. If you are using the website it is on agreement of the terms laid out here. If you are not in agreement of these terms then you are not permitted to use this website in anyway.
Ensure that you take professional advise before acting on any of the information displayed on this website. The directory is serving only as a source of general information.
Click For Therapy "" may change their website from time to time.
Click For Therapy "" reserves the right to close any account at any time with prior warning. We will not be liable for any loss of business if we do so. Account suspension will usually be as a result of a user complaint so please ensure that you conduct yourself professionally at all times. If your account is closed no membership fees or verification fees will be refunded. We may issue legal proceeding against you in you are in breach of any of our website terms.
Most of the content on Click For Therapy "" is uploaded by registered users, as such we are not responsible for it's accuracy. As mentioned above information is not checked or monitored.
We reserve the right to change any of our website terms without prior warning, updated terms can always be read via accessing this page. It is your responsibility as a user to ensure that you comply with the current terms of use. Visiting or registering for our website means that you accept our terms and conditions.
We use PayPal to process all payments made on Click For Therapy "" as it is a secure and internationally recognised payment system. This means we do not have access to your card details or store your credit card information. If you have a problem difficulty relating to how your card was charged please contact PayPal for assistance.
We reserve the right to change our future membership fees/prices without giving users prior warning.
The content of Click For Therapy "" is copyright protected. Everything including images, text, photography, designs is property of Click For Therapy "" or it's member and must not be used or replicated without our expressed written consent. There will be penalties for anyone found abusing this site or it's content.