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Flourish Wellness

Plymouth, Devon - Nutrition
Updated July 22nd 2017 by Caroline Puschendorf
The Old Bake House
Devon, PL20
United Kingdom

    About Flourish Wellness

    Hi, I'm Dr Caroline Puschendorf. I'm a health and nutrition coach with a passion for helping people reduce and eliminate long-term symptoms. I use my background in science and immunology to both calm and strengthen your immune system, using dietary and lifestyle changes designed with you, for you. We work as a team. I listen to you. I ensure I truly understand you and your situation. I help you set health goals and together, with my knowledge and your will power, we set about achieving them.

    I see clients with a range of complaints, from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD; e.g. Crohn's and ulcerative colitis) to thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto's disease, as well as cancer and diabetes. I also help people who are looking to prevent chronic illness or who want to lose weight.

    All my clients are amazing, and you are too. From the moment you decide to take control of your health and look after your future, you will start making positive change. I help you keep that commitment to yourself - I know it is incredibly hard at times. We work together for a series of 1 hour sessions - either face to face, over skype or FaceTime - until you reach your health goal. This is typically between 6 and 10 sessions, though every one is different.

    I offer a FREE 20 minute Discovery Session to everyone thinking about joining me for health coaching. We can use this time to get to know one another a little and to talk through the process.

    Get in touch with me, Dr Caroline Puschendorf at Flourish Wellness, UK, and start feeling better today!


    Doctorate (PhD) in immunology, 2007. James Cook University, Australia.
    Health and Nutrition Coach, 2016. (Cadence Health)
    Member Organisations
    International Institute for Complementary Therapies College of Medicine
    Bowel Disorders, Cancer, Coeliac, Diabetes, Fatigue, Food Intolerances, IBS, Thyroid problems, Ulcerative colitis, Weight management
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