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BodyMind Base

London, London - Physiotherapy
Updated August 12th 2017 by Carole Traole
Shreveport House
London, N19 3TH
United Kingdom

    About BodyMind Base

    I address both the physical and the psychological as appropriate in the areas of rehabilitation, prevention and management of health conditions.

    Rehabilitation: I can help you recover from a crisis by looking at its physical and psychological manifestations, for example a back injury, a traumatic episode.

    Prevention: I can help you prevent new problems emerging or the recurrence of previous problems by looking at existing patterns of posture, movement, emotion and behaviour, for example neck pain linked to poor posture and stress.

    Management: I can help you manage the physical and psychological impact of chronic issues, for example osteoporosis, depression.

    Exploring the relationship between the body and the mind and how they influence each other has the potential to achieve better results than other approaches. The consequent gains in awareness are deeper so that change can flourish, leading to greater harmony and optimal health and well-being of mind and body.


    BSc Sports & Biological sciences
    BSc Physiotherapy
    Pilates Instructor
    Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis instructor
    Member Organisations
    Arthritis, Musculoskeletal Problems, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Stress, Trauma
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