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Claire Coghlan

Hitchin, Hertfordshire - Emotional Freedom Techniques
Updated October 18th 2016 by Claire Coghlan
10 Damask Close
Hertfordshire, SG4 7EL
United Kingdom

    About Claire Coghlan

    I am a warm and caring practitioner who has used the therapies that I offer for myself. My journey has been one of moving from being skeptical but curious to having total faith in the techniques I am offering. I adhere to the code of ethics of the EFT Matrix Reimprinting Academy and will work to support you through your treatment with me. Do not let fear of the unfamiliar prevent you from trying any of the therapies I offer. They have been rapidly growing in popularity and have been proven to be effective in many clinical cases.


    EFT Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting, University Diploma in Counselling Skills
    Member Organisations
    EFT Matrix Reimprinting Academy
    Addiction, Allergies, Anxiety disorders, Confidence, Dealing With Fears, Eating disorders, Pain Relief, Panic Attacks, Relaxation, Stress, Trauma
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