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The Arizona Hypnotist

Scottsdale, Arizona - Counselling
Updated June 28th 2017 by Pattie Freeman
6895 East Camelback Rd.
Arizona, 85251
United States
602-400-0653 Website Twitter Email

    About The Arizona Hypnotist

    My practice is based on hypnotherapy/Mindfulness helping individuals to perfect their life and do a complete lifestyle change. Whether it's stop smoking, weight loss, addiction, relationships, anxiety, depression or anything else in your life that you need to work on dealing with everyday routine or habits. WeightLoss clients had loss 100 pounds using my technique- Smokers -one session to quit smoking forever.
    Clients with Alochol, Drugs, Gambling, Digital Addictions make that happen within three sessions.

    I am a Board-Certified hypnotherapist since 2000, I've worked with thousands of clients helping them reach their goals, break their habits and change their life. If you're wanting to take hold of your life and change it ,find your passion be able to use hypnotherapy I can help.

    My athletes professionals, collegians and even younger they come to me for focus and confidence. They get positive results by becoming consistent in their sport and becoming more confident and focused. Your mind is a powerful thing learn how to use it to your advantage with Hypnotherapy.


    Board Certified Hypnotherapist, BA Psychology, Certified Sports Mental Coach, IEMT, Certified Instructor
    Member Organisations
    National Guild of Hypnotist President Chapter of NGH Member of Arizona Profession of Hypnotist NESTA
    Addiction, Anxiety disorders, Confidence, Dealing With Fears, Depression, Eating disorders, EMDR, OCD, Pain Relief, Panic Attacks, Relationship, Stress, Weight management