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Jacqueline Samuel

Borehamwood, Hertfordshire - Psychotherapy
Updated July 22nd 2017 by Jacqueline Samuel
Cardinal Avenue
Hertfordshire, WD6 1EN
United Kingdom

    About Jacqueline Samuel

    My clinical style incorporates the "deep" psychoanalytic, attachment thinking with briefer methods. This means I strive to offer a more active, solution focussed experience to help you feel better faster.

    The people who come to see me usually experience one or more of the following:

    * feel stuck in repetitive patterns
    * struggle with depression or anxiety
    * have difficulties with significant relationships
    * are questioning their sexuality
    * are considering leaving a religious or faith based group
    * are grieving a significant loss
    * have experienced a trauma or traumatic events
    * are adapting to a lifecycle change like leaving home, marriage, children, or illness
    * have identity or self-definition questions
    * are adapting to moving countries

    I offer short-term as well as open-ended psychotherapy to adults of all ages. For people who would like to understand their difficulties in more depth, I also offer twice weekly sessions. 


    Having trained intensively for 4 years in attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Bowlby Centre, I strive to continue to develop my expertise and to maintain my effectiveness as a therapist through on-going professional development in areas like hypnotherapy and the use of techniques for managing PTSD and trauma symptoms.
    In addition to training at the Bowlby Centre, I
    * completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology (BA),
    * completed a 1 year Associate's Training at The Arbors Therapeutic Community, and
    * hold a certificate in Hypnotherapy (Eriksonian)

    I am a full member of the BACP (MBACP)
    am a registered member of the UKCP.

    As part of my commitment to my on-going professional development, I present my clinical work to a supervisor, who like myself, adheres to the UKCP’s code of ethics, including the highest levels of confidentiality. I also participate in continuous peer-supervision to ensure that my practices in Shoreditch and Borehamwood afford the best informed care.
    Member Organisations
    UKCP Registered BACP Registeed Member
    Addiction, Anxiety disorders, Depression, Panic Attacks, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationship, Relaxation, Trauma
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