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London, London - Massage
Updated October 24th 2017 by Alex
Rosebury Ave
London, Ec1r 4rp
United Kingdom
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    About Massageinc

    I am an enthusiastic and skilled remedial massage therapist with 2+ years experience in deep tissue, shiatsu and reflexology. I have a proven track record of providing highly responsive massage services to enhance clients' mobility and increase flexibility. I have a chilled temperament and open approach to massage practices. And a special talent for performing professional spa massage and body treatment.

    My committed and intuitive approach to massage, and my passion for the therapy has enabled me to successfully treat clients around the globe. From Germany to China, Malaysia, Philipines, Spain, London among others.
    Asthma, Confidence, Depression, Gout, Stress
    Posted by Martin Newsome on September 7th 2017
    I'm a heavy gym-goer and have tried many different masseurs and therapists over the years. I've never had such a fabulous massage before or felt as great afterwards. Alex is able to immediately feel what my body needs and each time I visit he uses a wide range of techniques to home in on the exact areas to work on. Very strong hands but a gentle and considerate manner. I can relax fully trusting his expertise. After each visit I get the very best night's sleep!