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Making You Healthier

Midhurst, Midhurst - Aromatherapy
Updated November 24th 2017 by Christine Southwell
Cittas Cottage
Midhurst, GU31 5EU
United Kingdom
07903 215524 Website Email

    About Making You Healthier

    Could the cause of your pain be an imbalance in your body and your mind due to your lifestyle, diet and past experiences. I can help you achieve great things with a combination of deep tissue massage to address the issue for your aches and/or NLP to help address why you are not living the life you want.

    My therapies have helped to reduce or reverse headaches, sciatica, frozen shoulder and many other issue without the use of pills. Based in Trotton, Near Midhurst and Rogate.


    Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Trigger Point Therapy
    Lymphatic Drainage Qualification
    Pregnancy Massage Qualification

    Ayurvedic Health Consultant (studying)
    Anxiety disorders, Confidence, Dealing With Fears