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Thinking Room

Stirling, Stirling - Hypnotherapy
Updated October 14th 2017 by Liz McConnell
3 Whitehouse Road
Stirling, FK7 7SP
United Kingdom
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    About Thinking Room

    Have you got to the stage where nothing you do seems to make a difference? Do the same thoughts or behaviours just keep cropping up again and again. Is it time you did something about it? If there is one message I want to get out to you it's THINGS CAN CHANGE.

    So why do people come to Thinking Room?
    It might be problems related to stress, confidence or anxiety which has recently become too difficult to deal with. Or a fear or phobia which stops you doing things like presentations at work, flying away on holiday with the family or driving on the motorway. Fears and phobias can suddenly appear and manifest in ways which might seem ridiculous or inexplicable to others but when they control your life it's time to deal with them. Perhaps you need to change bad habits or find new ways to reach your lifestyle goals of losing weight or stopping smoking etc. Do you need help to get yourself to the next stage in sport or the arts? You would be surprised how many professional sports people and performers use hypnotherapy and NLP to get over problems like stage fright or mind blocks which cripple them before a game or performance and sometimes just appear overnight. What's that all about!!

    For help with these issues and more give us a call or book an appointment now and take those first steps towards a different future. If I haven't mentioned your problem, don't let that stop you getting in touch.

    Find out about my qualifications, professional standing, and more by visiting the website. I hope you enjoy the website, find it easy to look around and receive the information and inspiration you are looking for. If you don't see what you are looking for straight away just give me a call or drop me an email to discuss your requirements further.


    CogHyp, DipHyp, MPNLP, HPD, Wordweaving
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