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Sarah Shakespeare

Radlett, Herts - Nutrition
Updated January 3rd 2018 by Sarah Shakespeare
Herts, WD7 7DQ
United Kingdom

    About Sarah Shakespeare

    I'm here to help guide you to achieve your health goals, not only using dietary suggestions as a Nutritional Therapist, but by also creating positive impactful lifestyle habits, and help throw away the ones that aren’t serving you!

    Whether it’s stress, poor digestion, sleep deprivation, weight issues, or the next celebrity quick fix diet to hit the scene. It becomes increasingly difficult to know where to begin. With digital advances and social media supplying us with inundated information at the click of a button, it can leave us feeling confused and making us feel we should all be clean eating with the idyllic and envious photos and posts.

    It all becomes overwhelming and prevents us from making any positive progressive change at all.

    That’s why I take a holistic approach to dismantle all the confusion and identify the root cause to the underlying symptoms using wholefoods and real lifestyle methods that last to lead you to a healthy, happy life of balanced wellbeing.

    I’ve been through my own emotional roller-coaster with food. The constant yo-yo dieting and how that negatively impacted every area of my life. I felt like I didn’t know what it would take to become free of the repetitive cycle and just wanted desperately to get off the hamster wheel!

    Putting my two favourite things together; my passion for people and helping them through problems to becoming their best selves, and my passion for wellbeing and all it encompasses makes me feel this is my purpose. After many years of the crazy merry-go-round, I know and feel your frustration and I want to help you establish a balanced, healthier, confident, happy you.

    I pride myself to be personable and approachable, to ensure you feel at ease and safe to have an open and honest conversation about your goals without feeling intimidated, embarrassed or judged.

    Please get in touch if you have any queries and I’ll look forward to helping you on your health and wellbeing journey!


    Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition (DIpNT)
    Personal trainer certificate level 3 (REPs3)
    Anxiety disorders, Depression, Skin complaints, Weight management
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