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Sun and moon studio

London, London - Tai Chi
Updated January 5th 2018 by Daniel Scott
10 Kingsgate Place
London, nw6 4ta
United Kingdom

    About Sun and moon studio

    qi gong postures and
    movements have been found in a tomb dating from 167 BCE. There are many styles of practice ranging from strong physical movements and martial arts to silent meditation; at the root of all is the aim of balancing the mind and body, both internally and within the wider environment. Clear water style sessions is simple, quiet and rooted in finding a natural balance. It draws in daoist philosophy: ‘By sitting still you can know the whole world’ . We start with exercises in standing, allowing the body and mind to stretch, release and find their natural balance; sometimes we move into a quiet sitting encouraging stillness and a deep connection with the world around us. The benefits are many: release of tension, sense of calm and well being, a better understanding of yourself and your world, a sense of balance, a few moments to escape from a busy life
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