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Shiatsu and Reflexology

Twickenham., Surrey - Shiatsu
Updated June 25th 2015 by Nadia Reid
7 Andover Road
Surrey, TW2 6PB
United Kingdom

    About Shiatsu and Reflexology

    I will set out my basic credentials for my work and then, if you are interested, you can read about me, my history and what I bring to my clients.

    Basic credentials
    I started by learning basic beauty therapy and Swedish massage on an aestheticienne course from 1992-94.  Once I started, I wanted to keep on learning and expanding my skills to give a more rounded or “holistic” treatment.  I later trained in reflexology and became a reiki practitioner and then I qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner/Aesthetician (I completed a 3 year course leading to the Practitioner level and a further post graduate year leading to MRSS (Member of the Register of Professional Practitioners of the Shiatsu Society) at The London College of Shiatsu). 

    More about me, my history and what I bring to my clients

    I am a quiet person, calm and centred.  I have had my share of life challenges and, like most people, I bring the benefit of and insights from these experiences to my work.  They are what made me who I am: a person who loves helping others heal and find freedom and happiness as a result.  I am told that my calm nature helps calm others and make the massages and other treatments even more effective.

    I started life as a legal secretary but it wasn’t “me”.  I began with basic beauty and related massage but expanded my services by constant learning and practice so that today I bring many years experience in a whole variety of treatments most of which I bring together in a treatment (only shiatsu has to be kept entirely separate).  This means that when I see a client, I respond by intuitively feeling what is needed and often bring aspects of some or all of reiki, reflexology and massage.  I sometimes bring these even to hot stone facial treatments.

    When I am giving a massage or other treatment and offering my intuitive insights, I feel a tremendous calm, satisfaction and love for what I do.  This energy is passed on through me to my clients when and where it is needed, healing what needs healing and leaving my clients feeling much better, usually immediately and sometimes once the healing’s effects have been processed by the body.

    Please feel welcome to contact me by using the contact form on this website.


    CIBTAC, Shiatsu Graduate
    Member Organisations
    Shiatsu society
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