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The Centre for Wellbeing

Malvern, Worcestershire - Bowen Technique
Updated August 29th 2017 by Lindsay Holder
The Centre For Wellbeing - Bowen Therapist
Worcestershire, Wr14 3pp
United Kingdom

    About The Centre for Wellbeing

    Lindsay is a member and committee member of the Bowen Therapist Professional Association (BTPA). Being part of a governing body gives you the comfort and security of continual professional development and proficiency of work.

    Lindsay has been lucky enough to find Bowen and start her own exciting adventure as a human, canine and equine Bowen Therapist. It seemed logical to combine her life experience and passions into one and create a career from aspects that she lives her life by.
    Lindsay's intention is to use this technique as much as possible, on as many people and horses as possible, and to provide a more holistic approach to therapy. To be a source of information on whole health to include nutrition, tissue salts alongside her treatment. This gives Lindsay the skills that contribute towards happier, healthier lifestyles. Her aim is to spread the word that Bowen Therapy is widely available and a viable and accessible treatment option in many different scenarios.

    Bowen allows the body to make the change it needs to make. It means trusting that, with the right kind of stimulation, the body can be prompted to make changes on any level - whether that change is physical, emotional or psychological, in order to bring about positive improvements in health. When we allow the body to make the changes that it needs to make, rather than imposing our own judgment as to what needs to be changed, then we are being truly holistic.


    Bowen Therapist,
    Equine Therapist,
    Canine Therapist,
    NST Nuro Structural Integrated Technique, Anatomy&Physiology,First Aid, Fascia Bowen, Smart Bowen, Essential TMJ workshop
    Smart Bowen Therapy Instructor
    Member Organisations
    BTPA Bowen Therapy Professional Association
    Fatigue, Musculoskeletal Problems, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Stress, Trauma
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