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Dr Christine

Wakefield, West Yorkshire - CBT Therapy
Updated October 30th 2017 by Christine Fiddler
10 Agbrigg Road
West Yorkshire, WF2 6AF
United Kingdom
07802746816 Website Twitter Email

    About Dr Christine

    Dr Christine Fiddler, PhD is the owner of Thomas Therapy & Coaching, which operates from a relaxing and peaceful clinic, which is part of the Back in Action, Physiotherapy Clinic in Wakefield. The Clinic is easily accessible by both bus and car, with free car parking available.

    Christine also has a therapy room At Fabrication, The Light, Leeds, LS1 8TL.

    She operates to high standards and a strict code of ethics as stipulated by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy as well as the CNHC - the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (Member no: 000089-C16) and the National Council for Psychotherapists.

    Christine specialises in dealing with and supporting people that have anxiety, stress, panic attacks,phobias and offers pain management in association with the physiotherapy practice.

    She also provides a number of therapy and treatment services, including:

    Deep relaxation
    Stress relief and management
    Age Regression
    Weight loss
    Hypnoband - virtual gastric band
    Smoking cessation

    Christine offers a combination of therapies and life coaching when helping clients, these therapies include: psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, CBT, counselling and Mindfulness to offer a powerful solution to challenges affecting people today.


    PhD - Social Psychology/Social Sciences
    BA(Hons) Applied Social Science
    Advanced Diploma in Effective Psychotherapy with CBT
    Diploma - Hypnotherapy with Age Regression
    Certificate in Counselling
    D.A.Hyp - Certified hypnotherapy practitioner - including age regression
    Facilitator and practitioner - Pacific Institute
    Certified EFT Practitioner
    Licensed practitioner - Intrusive Thoughts Therapy
    Licensed practitioner - Treating Chronic Stress and Stress Induced Pains
    Certificate in Life Coaching
    Business Coach
    Member Organisations
    National Council for Psychotherapists British Institute of Hypnotherapy Complimentary and Natural HealthCare Council (CNHC)
    Anxiety disorders, Confidence, Pain Relief, Panic Attacks, Stress