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Bowen in Lothian

Haymarket, Edinburgh - Bowen Technique
Updated September 26th 2017 by Mary Macfarlane
15 Rosebery Crescent
Edinburgh, eh12 5jy
United Kingdom

    About Bowen in Lothian

    Mary offers an assessment of body structure and function to identify the appropriate treatment combining both Emmett & Bowen Techniques which is suitable for babies, children and adults.
    With a background in the art of Healing, qualified in Bowen, Emmett and Anatomy & Physiology, Mary continues to learn from professionals and experts around the world bringing the best unique bodywork treatment tailored for each client.

    Mary is a member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA).
    Areas of specialism include jaw, head, neck and shoulder problems, pelvic or spinal problems, pain, stress and body tension. Improving a sense of wellbeing. Digestive issues such as colic or IBS.

    “Hippocrates held the belief that the body must be treated as a whole and not just a series of parts. I treat the whole person using Advanced Emmett and Bowen Techniques working with people who are often at the end of their patience, having tried everything for acute or chronic conditions. “


    ECBS Bowen,Advanced Emmett, Applied Myofascial Techniques, Targeting Primary Disfunction
    Member Organisations
    BTPA Bowen Therapy Professional Association
    Migraines, Musculoskeletal Problems, Pain Relief, Stress
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