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Nicole Jacobsen

Wattandyte, Australia - Massage
Updated November 18th 2017 by Nicole Jacobsen
Yarra St Warrandyte
Australia, 3113. 3184

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    About Nicole Jacobsen

    Nicole Jacobsen is a Reiki master, body worker and meditation teacher. She has long been on a journey of deepening her understanding and connection with the animal and Earth realms. She draws her knowledge from ancient traditions and teachings which honours nature’s intelligence and the healing powers and wisdom it provides. Nicole considers her greatest teachers to be nature and animals themselves. She loves supporting and empowering others to deepen their own connection with the energies, wisdom and intelligence that the Earth and our animal friends have to offer and share.

    She has also been studying, teaching and working with the Universal energies for many years now and it is one of her greatest joys to help and empower others to deepen their connection with these energies and incorporate these connections into their everyday life.

    Her teachings are based on love and compassion and expanding these energies out into the world. Through her sessions and events she assists people to find their own strengths and wisdom and connect to the unique gifts and energies that lie within.

    Her personal passions lie in nature, spending time with animals. practicing yoga and pilates and listening to music. She is also an avid reader ♥


    Bachelor of Health Science (Complimentary Medicine) - Charles Sturt University
    Advanced diploma (Myotherapy) - Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy
    Diploma (Remedial Massage) - Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy
    Diploma (Holistic counselling)- Melbourne College of Natural Medicine
    Meditation Teacher's certificate - Angelic Presence
    Reiki Master - Open Hands & Sacred Lotus
    Member Organisations
    AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists) ARC (Australian Reiki Connection)
    Chakras, Fatigue, Pain Relief, Stress, Trauma
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