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Pace for Living

Axbridge Square, Axbridge - Emotional Freedom Techniques
Updated October 14th 2017 by Maggie Stanley
The Rising
Axbridge Square
Axbridge, BS26 2AP
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    About Pace for Living

    I have been a therapist and teacher for over 25 years and feel that I can offer ways to help people to be mindful in life and live in more relaxed and calm ways.

    The approach I use is to make things as simple as possible without mystery or complexity, while at the same time having a bit of fun by not making things too complicated.

    Whether it is being mindful or a reiki treatment it is what helps to calm the inner chatter and destress the mind and body. Why not take the journey into mindfulness and other therapies to learn to deal with fatigue, pain, and stress. Learning to manage emotions, negative thinking, stress and pain can help you to find the way to inner peace and calm.


    Diplomas - Stress Management, Mindfulness, Meditation, EFT, Hypnotherapy, City and Guild Adult Teacher level 3, Multimodal Therapy, Personal Construct therapy, Oriental hand and head massage ATLS status is a designation awarded to teachers in the Further Education and Post-Compulsory Education & Training sectors.
    Cert - REBT
    Member Organisations
    ETSI, Reiki Connection, The Reiki Healing Association, The Society of Education and Training, Reiki Healing Association
    Anxiety disorders, Assertiveness, Confidence, Depression, Fatigue, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Stress