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Entire Wellbeing

Reading, Berkshire - Nutrition
Updated September 5th 2017 by Mark Bennett
Brimpton Lane
Berkshire, RG7 4RZ
United Kingdom
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    About Entire Wellbeing

    I am a degree qualified and functionally trained Nutritional Therapist. Nutritional therapy uses the application of evidence based nutritional and lifestyle science to promote optimal health and wellbeing, focussing on the causes rather than the diagnosis or symptoms of disease. We are complementary (rather than alternative) to modern medicine aiming to work in partnership with your GP or medical practitioner for the benefit of your health.

    My approach is based upon the Functional Model, which is a dynamic approach to assessing and providing the support that the body may require in order to deal with chronic disease. Functional medicine is based on the premise that the body is composed of several highly interconnected sophisticated functional systems (digestion & assimilation, detoxification & elimination, communication, defence & repair, energy, structural integrity and transport) that when working efficiently, promote optimal health.

    We are all biochemically individual. What makes you, you, is unique to you. The Functional Model recognises that it is the summation of your environmental inputs (toxins, stress, diet, & lifestyle) over your life that are likely to have contributed to your current health concerns and that most chronic illness is typically preceded by a lengthy period of decline in one or more of the body’s functional systems. Family history and genetics can play a significant role in the development of health problems that we are likely to experience in our lives. However, appropriate diet and lifestyle choices can do a great deal to lessen the expression of these genetic weaknesses.

    It is through the taking of a detailed life history, that the Functional Model aims to identify systems that may have been excessively challenged over your lifetime. When these systems are over stretched it can lead to many symptoms, which often seem unrelated and hard to pin down. Once identified, these challenged systems can be supported through appropriate dietary and lifestyle interventions. As the body moves back towards a state of balance and optimal health, symptoms and health problems are more likely to resolve or lessen in their expression.

    I have access to a number of key diagnostic functional tests with world class laboratories that greatly facilitate the creation of individualised interventions. These laboratories include Cyrex (Cyrex Arrays), Dunwoody, Doctors Data and Nordic Laboratories (Genetic/DNA testing)

    I work from my clinic in Brimpton near Reading.


    BSc (hons) Nutritional Therapy - 1st Class Honours
    BA (hons) Business Finance - Upper 2nd Class
    Certified Gluten Practitioner
    Certified Gut & Psychology Syndrome Practitioner (GAPS)
    Nutrigenetic Councellor
    Member Organisations
    Allergies, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Anxiety disorders, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Bowel Disorders, Cancer, Child nutrition, Coeliac, Depression, Diabetes, Eating disorders, Eczema, Endometriosis, Food Intolerances, Gout, Hypoglycaemia, IBS, Mental Health, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Skin complaints, Thrush, Thyroid problems, Ulcerative colitis, Weight management