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Madden Wellness Counsel

London, Lexington-fayette - Nutrition
Updated November 2nd 2015 by Amber Madden, MA, LPCA
Po Box 2926
Lexington-fayette, 40743
United States

    About Madden Wellness Counsel

    Madden Wellness strives to introduce a comprehensive approach to helping clients discover the real reasons behind failed attempts at making lasting changes for your wellness concerns. At Madden Wellness, obesity and other issues are viewed as a clinical problem and thus, are treated with evidence-based, clinical interventions. Let me help empower you in discovering a new path to health and wellness, one free of strict diets, preoccupation of food and stressful timelines. Some of the issues I can help you address are:

    - Weight Management

    - Self Confidence

    - Body Image Issues

    - Stress Reduction

    - Disordered Eating (Food Addiction)

    - Motivation and Goal Setting

    - Psychological Intervention for Sport and Exercise (Mental Toughness Exercises)

    - Performance Concerns in Sport and Exercise (Strengthening Focus)

    No matter the type of change you want to make, Madden Wellness can help. Let me show you a different path to reach your health goals and find the motivation you need in making lasting change. If you are serious in discovering a new way to better health and a better lifestyle, then please take a look at the services provided and contact me today. I can’t wait to help you get started!


    Bachelors Degree in Psychology from University of the Cumberlands
    Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Union College
    Licensed Counseling Associate - Kentucky Board of Counseling
    Eating Disorder & Obesity Specialist Certificate - Northern Illinois University
    Member Organisations
    Kentucky Counseling Association
    Addiction, Anxiety disorders, Eating disorders, Mental Health, Panic Attacks, Stress, Weight management
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