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Margie Ulbrick

Melbourne, Victoria - Counselling
Updated June 1st 2017 by Margie Ulbrick
69 Serrell St
Victoria, 3145

    About Margie Ulbrick

    I am a Melbourne based Relationships Counsellor and Psychotherapist as well as a Family Lawyer. I also offer sessions by Skype. I work with couples and individuals to improve communication patterns, problems with intimacy and connection, and to assist people to create healthy, happy relationships. I work with individuals with a wide range of issues to assist in promoting well being and to help people improve their happiness levels and find greater ease in their lives.
    I am continually updating my professional skills and training and as such am currently training in Somatic Experiencing (a body oriented model to assist in regulation of the nervous system and in the process of trauma resolution), and have completed first year of the three year training which allows me to work with clients in this model. I work with the nervous system in a holistic way and use Focussing and Mindfulness techniques to assist in creating a healthy sense of self knowledge and connection with self.This is a great adjunct to traditional talking therapy.
    I love working with people and am passionate about being able to make a contribution to assist people in all sorts of situations whether it be trauma or relationship difficulties or simply wanting to find ways to feel more at ease in their lives. It is a privilege for me to assist people in their life's journey.


    LLB, BA, GD Soc Sci, EFT, Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy, Developmental Model Couples Therapy, Cert Collab Practice
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    Anxiety disorders, Assertiveness, Mental Health, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationship, Stress
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